EXPLAINED: What is Austria’s Covid-19 immunity card and how do I get it?

EXPLAINED: What is Austria's Covid-19 immunity card and how do I get it?
How do you get Austria's Covid-19 pass? Photo by Piero Cruciatti / AFP
Austria is implementing a digital coronavirus immunity card to allow a return to normality. Here's what you need to know.

The digital version of the immunity card, nicknamed ‘green pass’ after a similar idea in Israel, will be introduced in early June. 

It will be based on a QR code and can either be printed or carried on your mobile phone or similar device. 

Here’s what you need to know. 

What is the digital immunity card?

The card will allow special privileges for people who have been fully vaccinated, as well as those who have had the virus recently and who have tested negative. 

In effect, it is a uniform digitalisation of the existing 3G Rule, which has been in place since May 19th. 

‘3G Rule’: How to prove you have been vaccinated, tested or recovered from Covid in Austria

While the project has also been in development at a European level, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is one of its major advocates. 

But wait, is this green pass the same as the immunity card? 

Yes. The Austrian government and the Austrian media have used a number of different terms to describe the pass, including green pass, Covid-19 pass, Covid passport, coronavirus immunity passport and immunity card, among others. 

These terms along with a range of others have been used in the international media. 

While the cards will have two components – both domestic and international – when they are introduced fully, there is in effect one card or pass which will signify your immunity and will allow you to do a range of things including visiting restaurants and travelling. 

Digital card to be introduced in early June

Austria’s Covid digital green pass using a QR code is set to be approved on Tuesday, June 8th, and will be implemented by June 11th. 

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Currently, people can show their immunity through paper documentation, but as of this week will be able to do so via the immunity card. 

The green pass will not be compulsory, the Austrian government has confirmed

Immunised people not included in pass initially

To start with, the pass will initially not include an option for vaccinated people, the Ministry of Health has told APA.

This means that initially it will only apply for people who have recovered from the virus and those who have tested negative. 

No date has been given for when vaccinated people will be included in the pass.

Digital proof of vaccination can already be created and downloaded from the electronic vaccination pass using a mobile phone signature or citizen card at, the Ministry said.

The immunity card had been set to launch on June 4th, however it was delayed by a week.

When will it be introduced at a European level? 

The Ministry also confirmed the digital green pass will be valid across the EU from July 1st.

This will enable travel in EU countries and will need to be shown at the border.

In addition, it may also allow for certain domestic privileges in other countries in a manner similar to that in Austria. 

The Austrian government says it expects the green pass to be valid for international travel “only for the duration of the pandemic”, i.e. that it will not become a permanent requirement. 

How do I get it?

The first step will be to find a way to show immunity, i.e. through vaccination, recovery or a negative test. In each case, you will be issued with a certificate or some form of paperwork that confirms your immunity. 

More information on that can be found at this link

Once you have proof of immunity, you can access your green pass using a mobile phone signature or citizen card. These are available at

You can activate your citizen card or mobile phone signature by visiting FinanzOnline at this link

Select ‘Bürgerkarte/Handy-Signatur aktivieren’ (activate citizen card/mobile phone signature) and you will receive a letter of approval in the mail in the coming days. 

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