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What direct intercontinental flights can I get from Vienna?

Aaron Burnett
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What direct intercontinental flights can I get from Vienna?
People at Vienna Airport. Photo: ALEX HALADA / AFP

If you are heading home for the holidays plan to visit friends or family in another part of the world, here are some of your direct options from Vienna to non-European destinations.


Although it doesn’t necessarily boast the huge plethora of options of flying through Amsterdam’s Schiphol or London’s Heathrow airports – Vienna’s central location in Europe still yields quite a few possibilities for direct flights to destinations outside Europe.

Many of these destinations too offer at least several dozen onward connections as well, just in case you need to connect somewhere just a little further.

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The Americas

You can fly to several destinations in North America directly from Vienna. There are certainly some limitations to your choices though – with most destinations being on or near the east coast of the US and Canada. Also, all direct flights from Vienna to North America are operated by Austrian Airlines, so there’s not the same competition on these routes that might get you a lower price.

Still, there’s plenty of options to take you to some of North America’s big hubs.

Austrian Airlines operates daily flights from Vienna to two New York airports – JFK and Newark – plus daily flights to both Chicago and Washington.

New York is well-served by direct flights from Vienna. (Photo by BRUCE BENNETT / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Getty Images via AFP)

If you’re Canada-bound, there’s a daily Austrian flight from Vienna to Toronto and one direct Vienna to Montreal flight that flies six days a week – with only Thursdays being unavailable.

Austrian Airlines also operates two seasonal flights to North America. The first heads to Los Angeles every day of the week except for Mondays, from June to October.

You can also head directly from Vienna to Cancun on Sundays and Thursdays, from December to April.

Unfortunately, Cancun is as far south as it goes for the Americas, as there are no direct flights from Vienna to South America.

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Europe and Africa

It should come as no surprise that Europe is particularly well-served by direct flights from Vienna, using a multitude of airlines.

Within Europe, you can go as far south as Malta and Cyprus or all the way up to Reykjavik in Iceland or Rovaniemi in Finland – right at the Arctic Circle. You can fly to any EU capital you want and many more besides.

Direct intercontinental connections are sparser – even to Africa – which is relatively close. But a few are still available.

Pictured is a pier in Lærdal in Norway.

Vienna Airport has direct connections in Europe to anywhere from the far north of Norway to Malta and Cyprus, down to Cairo and Addis Ababa. Pictured is a pier in Lærdal in Norway. Photo by Barnabas Davoti on Unsplash

These include everything from nearby North African destinations like Agadir in Morocco to both Tunis and Cairo.

You can hop on a Ryanair flight from Vienna directly to Agadir on Sundays, Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Tunisair will fly you non-stop to Tunis three days a week – Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

Meanwhile, those bound for Cairo have plenty of options, with both Austrian Airlines and Egyptair offering direct flights seven days a week.

Those going a little further into Africa can opt for a daily Ethiopian Airlines flight to Addis Ababa.

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Turkey, the Middle East, and the Caucasus

Given Austria’s large Turkish minority, it should come as no surprise that Turkey is well-served by direct flights from Vienna.

Daily services on multiple airlines will take you to Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir or Antalya.

From June to September, SunExpress operates a direct service to Samsun every Wednesday and to Kayseri every Tuesday. For summer trips direct to Dalaman, you can use Austrian Airlines on Mondays and SunExpress on Fridays.

Those heading to either Amman in Jordan or Tel Aviv in Israel are also spoilt for choice, with daily flights available using Ryanair, Austrian Airlines, or Wizz Air. Tel Aviv is additionally served by El Al every day except for Saturday.

Beachgoers sunbathe on a beach in Tel Aviv on June 17, 2023. (Photo by Jewel SAMAD / AFP)

Elsewhere in that part of the world, you can get daily direct flights to Erbil on Austrian Airlines, or to Jeddah using either Wizz Air or Saudi Arabian. Qatar Airways will get you to Doha seven days a week, Emirates to Dubai and either Etihad or Wizz Air to Abu Dhabi. Wizz Air is also available to take you to Dammam four days a week or to Kuwait City on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Meanwhile, Austrian Airlines and Iran Air will give you options for flying directly from Vienna to Tehran any day of the week except for Thursdays.

Those heading to the Caucasus can reliably choose Wizz Air to take them from Vienna to Kutaisi in Georgia every day except for Thursdays. Austrian Airlines also operates a daily flight to Yerevan, Armenia, with a Wizz Air option also being available every day excepts Sundays and Thursdays.

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Asia and Oceania

The daily flights to places like Abu Dhabi or Dubai come in handy for heading Down Under, for example – as there are no direct services from Vienna to Oceania.

While those two Emirati destinations might help with a few other connections, such as ways to get to India – Air India does offer a direct flight to New Delhi on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Further east, Austrian Airlines offers daily direct flights to both Bangkok and Tokyo – with EVA Air also headed to Bangkok four days a week as well. For Tokyo, ANA also does daily flights.


Dubai has daily direct connections to Vienna. Photo by Christoph Schulz on Unsplash

For China, Austrian Airlines can take you from Vienna directly to Shanghai any day except Sundays. Those needing to head to the capital in Beijing have less choice, with Air China doing direct flights on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Taipei-bound travellers have a direct option – either through EVA Air or China Airlines – every day of the week except for Tuesdays.

Those headed to Seoul in South Korea can use a direct Korean Air connection Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

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