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Where to find the cheapest fuel for your car in Austria

Hayley Maguire
Hayley Maguire - [email protected]
Where to find the cheapest fuel for your car in Austria
It is possible to find cheaper petrol places in Austria if you know where to look. (Photo by Engin Akyurt / Pexels)

It’s no secret that life in Austria is expensive, especially when it comes to essential resources like petrol and diesel - and it's only gone up recently. But it is possible to save money if you know how.


Up until March 2022, the cost of petrol and diesel in Austria was considered to be affordable, with prices usually far below other EU countries. 

But prices have risen sharply at times since, with the cost of filling up going up by 20 percent since May this year.

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Furthermore, an accident at Austria’s Schwechat OMV oil refinery in June 2022 resulted in the facility operating under a limited capacity for several months. Operations at the refinery were fully restored that October, but the incident caused further price increases in Austria. 

To add more fuel to the fire, Austria’s carbon (CO2) tax came into effect on October 1st, making petrol and diesel even more expensive. Prices did come down again in November, although this was before the EU imposed a price cap on Russian oil on December 5th.

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Yet despite the doom and gloom, it is possible to save some money on fuel in Austria – mostly depending on the location and where you choose to fill up the car.

How to find cheaper petrol and diesel in Austria

Like in most other countries, petrol distributors and stations compete with each other in Austria, which is good news for consumers.

And to make it even easier to find the best deals, there is an app by ÖAMTC (Austrian Automobile, Motorcycle and Touring Club) that displays the cheapest fuel prices in a selected area. 

In the ÖAMTC app, users can search by petrol (known as Super in Austria) or diesel to view details of current prices at petrol stations. There is even a map function to then direct you to the right place.

Sometimes the difference in prices will be minimal, but it’s a worthwhile tool for saving a few cents.

Austria’s most expensive (and cheapest) regions for fuel

The west of Austria has a reputation for being more expensive than the east, with everything from food to accommodation often costing more.

The same applies to petrol and diesel with prices in the western states usually higher than in eastern provinces like Burgenland and Lower Austria.


For example, at the time of writing, The Local used the ÖAMTC app and found the cheapest prices for petrol in Vienna at the Johanna Garage on Johannagasse for €1.677 a litre. 

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However, outside of Vienna, prices went up significantly, especially in the west of the country in Innsbruck and Salzburg, so it might be useful checking the app if you're headed cross-country.

So if travelling across Austria, keep these prices in mind when deciding where to fill up.


It's also worth avoiding service stations on Austria’s motorways if possible. Prices of fuel are often higher than in towns due to the convenience of being able to exit a motorway, fill up and then continue on your way.

Money-saving tips for motorists in Austria

The first step to saving money on the cost of petrol and diesel is to reduce how often you drive. 

This is easier in the summer months with the option to travel by bike instead of car, but for people that commute long distances to work or have a family to transport, it is not always possible. 

Then there is public transport – especially for those living in larger towns and cities. But in rural areas, public transport is not as frequent or easy to access, which means for some this is not a viable option, particularly in the winter months.

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Other tips from ÖAMTC to save money on fuel are:

  • Fill up your car at the start of the week as fuel becomes more expensive towards the weekend.
  • Fill up in the morning to avoid the possibility of one-off price increases that are allowed from 12 pm. 
  • Avoid using expensive motorway petrol stations, if possible.
  • If travelling to Tyrol or Vorarlberg, fill up your vehicle in advance to avoid higher fuel prices in these provinces.

But for people that have to drive a car and can’t limit their usage, the best way to save money on fuel is by searching for the cheapest prices.


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