30C: Austria set for first heatwave of the year

Early summer weather reaches the Alpine country in the coming days, with temperatures as high as 30C in the coming days.

30C: Austria set for first heatwave of the year
People enjoy sunny weather in Vienna's Stadtpark, Austria. (Photo by JOE KLAMAR / AFP)

Austria is set to experience its first heatwave of the year, with temperatures rising to 30C (86F) in several states, according to forecasts from Austria’s Central Institution for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG).

Already this Wednesday, the Western state of Tyrol will see high temperatures ranging from 25C to 30C. The state residents can also expect a lot of sunshine throughout the day.

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This Thursday, Styria will be affected by the high temperatures, getting the warmest day of the year so far. In the southeast, it will be up to 30C, and in Upper Styria, 24C to 29C. In all other states, including Vienna, temperatures can get as high as 29C.

With rain expected to fall over the entire country on Friday, temperatures will drop again.

The beginning of the weekend should see a maximum of 26C in East Tyrol. Also on Saturday, as thunderstorms affect mainly the West of Austria.

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On Sunday, though, the sun is expected to shine again in most of the country. Maximum temperatures should be between 25C and 28C, according to ZAMG.

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26C: Summery weather for Austria after rainy weekend

Temperatures are set to rise to 26C and sunny days will come, although rain is forecast for the weekend.

26C: Summery weather for Austria after rainy weekend

If Austrians can weather a rainy and not particularly warm weekend, they are heading into sunshine and temperatures rising above 25C (77F) in the coming week, according to the Austria’s Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics ZAMG.

Just as Friday brings rain and maximum temperatures of about 22C in most of the country, so will the weekend be generally cloudy with intermittent rain, the agency said. On Saturday, the daily maximum should be between 15C to 20C.

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Sunday won’t be much better, with rain showers during the day and cloudy skies. Daily maximum temperatures, though, rise to between 19C to 24C, hinting at the summer feeling that next week will bring.

Temperatures rising from Monday

After the weekend, temperatures are set to continue rising, and most of the country will have sunny weather – with a few bouts of thunderstorms.

On Monday, daily maximum temperatures will be from between 19C to 24C. The capital Vienna will see a minimum of 11C and a maximum of 23C.

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Tuesday is when the sun really shines – literally. The entire country is set to have sunny weather, especially in the West, with Vorarlberg and Tirol getting maximum temperatures of 26C. Vienna will see temperatures rising to 25C, according to ZAMG.

In the following days of the upcoming week, temperatures should continue rising, reaching 28C in Vienna on Thursday, according to long-term estimates from

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