Covid-19 in Austria: What are the fines for breaking lockdown rules?

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Fines for individuals range between €500 to €1,450. Photo: Alex Halada/AFP
During Austria's Covid lockdown, additional police patrols will be carrying out checks. So what are the consequences for those who violate the rules?

Police carried out around 100,000 checks last week, when a lockdown was in place only for unvaccinated people. This number is likely to increase again after Austria on November 22nd went into its fourth nationwide general lockdown, with police checks possible both in combination with existing controls (for example routine traffic stops) as well as during patrols.

The fines vary and are higher for businesses that violate Covid rules than for individual citizens.

If you leave home for a reason that is not permitted under the lockdown rules, you face a fine of up to €1,450.

If you are stopped and refuse to participate in checks (for example, if a police officer asks why you are out or asks to see your ID), the fine is also up to €1,450.

Austria lockdown:

If you enter a business for purposes not allowed under the lockdown rules, again it’s a fine of up to €1,450 for you, and up to €30,000 for the business owner responsible.

Attending work is a valid reason for leaving your home during lockdown, however there is a requirement for proof of 3G (vaccination, recovery or a negative test) to enter any workplace where you may come into contact with someone from another household. If you go to work without 3G, you could face fines of €500 and your employer faces a €3,600 fine.

Going to the workplace while knowingly positive for Covid-19 is an even more serious offence and carries a maximum penalty of three years’ imprisonment.

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