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Vienna study shows birds can make 'economic decisions'
Photo: Bene Croy

Cockatoos have a good understanding of economics, a new study shows.

Meet the Austrian who might be going to Mars
Günther Golob/Facebook

He says he would bring 'fun' to the red planet but what else do we know about the Austrian who might be going to Mars?

Facebook on shaky ground after activist's latest victory
Manfred Werner/Wikimedia

Austrian data privacy activist achieves another legal victory in his bid to stop Facebook transferring European citizens’ data to the US.

Frog girlfriend can't hear you? Just wave!
"Yoohoo! Over here!" Photo: CEN/Schönbrunn Zoo

Testosterone makes frogs living around waterfalls wave instead of croak to win females according to new research.

Climate scientists forecast droughts, floods, heatwaves
A participant hold placards and banners during symbolic action "choose your future" under the signature of climate agreements Paris in Brussels, Belgium, 22 April 2016. Photo: EPA/LAURENT DUBRULE

By mid-century, pockets of southern Europe will face at least one severe climate hazard every year of the scale now occurring only once a century, according to a new study.

3D print of Oetzi the Ice Man revealed
One of three replicas of Oetzi the Iceman created for teaching purposes by Gary Staab, from resin and mixed media. Photo: http://www.staabstudios.com/

Scientists presented Wednesday a life-sized copy, made using a 3D printer, of Oetzi the mummified 5,000-year-old "iceman" found in the Alps 25 years ago.

Rumours that a highly anticipated electric car from Apple could be built in Austria have been strengthened following a report in a German newspaper.

Austrian startup develops tablet for the blind
Tsvetanova at the FACE panel discussion in Prague. Photo: FACE/Guillermo Verdejo

An Austrian startup led by a young Bulgarian woman has created an innovative technology for the blind -- a smart tablet which displays results using braille.

Austrians break goggle-box record

Five young Austrians have broken the record for binge-watching TV by staring at a screen for 92 straight hours, organisers said on Saturday.

Plans for 8 minute transport from Bratislava to Vienna
Camilo Sanchez/Wikimedia

A transport system straight out of a science fiction film that would cut train rides between Vienna and Bratislava down to just eight minutes could soon be a reality.

PR fail for Austrian TV star promoting Audi

An attempt by Audi to get some good PR by hiring Austrian TV star flops badly after she fails to start car.

IAEA boffins seek to end Zika menace
Photo: Muhammad Mahdi Karim/Wikimedia

The atmosphere inside the laboratory on the outskirts of Vienna is literally buzzing with armies of male mosquitoes locked up inside net-covered boxes. Their sole mission in life: stop females from breeding.

Iceman's bugs shed light on human migration
Ötzi the Iceman. Photo: Helmut Simon

The gut microbes of the Iceman, a 5,300-year-old mummy found frozen in a European glacier in 1991, have shed new light on the history of human migration, scientists have said.

Facebook fraudsters claim fresh victim
How to avoid SMS fraud. Photo: Kornelia und Hartmut Häfele - http://www.pixeleye.com/

Would you pay nearly 200 euros for accessing Facebook chat?

Zoo breeds very rare jellyfish
Photo: Central European News

An extremely rare giant jellyfish (Rhizostoma luteum) has been successfully bred for the first time worldwide in a zoo in Vienna.

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