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Opinion: US Elections
Americans abroad: get off the fence, stop Trump

If you're an American in Europe, don't let high-minded queasiness stop you using your vote - there's too much at stake, says Laura Shields of Democrats Abroad.

Merkel wants to send back failed migrants
Photo: FNDE/Wikimedia

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, under fire at home over her refugees policy, called Saturday for Europe to secure deals with third countries to send back migrants who do not qualify for asylum.

Comedian sets sights on Austrian parliament
Roland Düringer. Photo: ORF

An Austrian comedian, Roland Düringer, has founded a new political party and says he plans to introduce it in time for Austria’s next parliamentary election.

Austrian election set for early December after 'gluegate'
Austrian parliament building. Photo: Wikimedia

Austria's parliament has approved December 4th as the new date for the presidential election re-run in a scandal-ridden race.

No president for Austria until next year
Norbert Hofer election poster. Photo: Paul Gillingwater

Austria, which has been without a president since July, will have to wait until 2017 for its next head of state to take office.

Green Party wins election re-run in Vienna's Leopoldstadt
Uschi Lichtenegger. Photo: ORF

The Green party has won the re-run of the district election in Vienna’s 2nd district, Leopoldstadt.

School book recalled in presidential vote fiasco
Alexander Van der Bellen. Photo: ORF

An Austrian publisher has said it will withdraw a newly printed school book that lists Alexander Van der Bellen as the country's current president.

New bill proposes December election date
Austria's parliament. File photo: Paul Gillingwater

Austria's main political parties have proposed holding the country's presidential election re-run on December 4th.

Austrian presidential election postponed
Austrian interior minister Wolfgang Sobotka. Photo: Wikimedia

Austria's government was forced to announce an embarrassing postponement of its presidential election because of glue failing to stick on postal votes.

Hofer calls for Hitler birth house to be demolished
Photo: Paul Gillingwater

The far-right candidate in Austria's troubled presidential election wants the house where Hitler was born demolished as well as to improve relations with the Jewish community, according to comments published Sunday.

Glue failure could postpone Austrian election
Photo: Paul Gillingwater

An embarrassing postponement of Austria's high-stakes October 2 presidential election looked all but inevitable Saturday, because of technical problems involving glue failing to stick on postal votes.

Austrian election risks coming unstuck due to faulty envelopes
Alexander Van der Bellen says every voter has the right to have their vote counted. Photo: ORF

Austria's hopes of finally electing a new president on October 2 are looking increasingly doubtful because of problems with glue on postal votes coming unstuck.

Austria's interior minister threatens to sue Hungary
Refugee tents on the Hungarian-Serbian border. Photo: UNHCR/Zsolt Balla

Austria's interior minister has threatened to sue Hungary if it refuses to take back migrants and refugees who cross their shared border.

Chancellor: ‘Compulsory education or training until the age of 25’
Christian Kern on ORF 2. Photo: ORF

Chancellor Christian Kern announces an ambitious plan to create 200,000 new jobs by 2020, in an effort to tackle rising unemployment.

Expert predicts far-right to win Austrian election
Photo: Facebook/Norbert Hofer

Around 15% of Austrian swing voters are still undecided about who they will support in the presidential election re-run, although one expert predicts the far-right candidate will win.

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