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Vienna Comic Con promises to be 'bigger and more galactic'
Cosplay star Yaya Han. Copyright: Yaya Han/Bryan Humphrey

Comic Con returns to the Austrian capital on November 19th-20th at the Messe Wien.

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Five Austrian films we promise won't make you depressed
Still from the comedy Was hat uns bloß so ruiniert.

With the Viennale film festival opening on Thursday, we thought it’s time to take a look at the best of Austrian cinema.

New Christmas opera from English wunderkind
Photo: Facebook of Alma Deutscher

With help from her skipping rope, Alma Deutscher has written an opera that's being staged this Christmas in Vienna, the capital of classical music. Not bad when you're aged 11 and three-quarters.

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12 brilliant German words you won't find in English
Just a Zwerg and his Glückspilz. Photo: Zenodot Verlagsgesellschaft/Wikimedia

Unfortunately English let you down when you were trying to think of these things to say.

Touch and feel a 3-D version of Klimt's 'Kiss'
Photo: Andreas Reichinger, VRVis

Visitors haven't been allowed to reach out and touch Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss" at its home at the Belvedere museum in Vienna - until now.

Austrian researchers invent 'washing machine' for books
Volker Ribitsch with the prototype machine. Photo: UNI GRAZ/LUNGHAMMER

University researchers have developed a washing machine for books, to prevent ageing literary works from falling victim to decay.

Boutique in Vienna shopping district found floorless
Joel Mabel/Wikimedia

Boutique owners returned to their shop in central Vienna to find a three-meter deep hole where the floor used to be.

700 museums open their doors for Long Night event
The hare with amber eyes. Photo: KHM-Museumsverband/Michael Harvey

Night owls and culture vultures can explore over 700 of Austria’s museums from 6pm to 1am on Saturday, courtesy of the ORF’s Long Night of Museums event.

Take a virtual tour of Vienna's Natural History Museum
One of the exhibits at the NHM Vienna. Photo: Google

Fans of Vienna’s Natural History Museum can now take a virtual tour of the museum - courtesy of Google Street View.

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9 simple things German speakers have way too many words for
Do you eat Pfannkuchen or Palatschinken? Photo: Paul Gillingwater

If you're baffled by what the heck you’re supposed to call a pancake in German, it's not your fault.

V-J Day Kiss woman passes on
Photo: Alfred Eisenstaedt/Life Magazine

The woman whose participation in an impromptu kiss celebrating the end of the war with Japan has died on Thursday after a brief illness at the age of 92.

Star tenor Johan Botha dies aged 51 in Vienna
Botha in Ariadne auf Naxos with Anne Schwanewilms, Hamburg State Opera. Photo:Monika Rittershaus/Wikimedia

Sad news from Vienna's Opera - the South African-born star tenor Johan Botha has died after a short illness.

A taste of Michelangelo in the heart of Vienna
Photo: Paul Gillingwater

Why go to Rome when the art of the Sistine Chapel can come to you in Vienna? Check out the new exhibition of Michelangelo's timeless frescos at the Votivkirche.

Chinese Lantern Festival delights and amazes
Highlight is this scale model of Vienna's Opera House, as a giant lantern. Photo: Paul Gillingwater

Making its Central European debut, the traditional Chinese lantern festival highlights music, dance, costumes and the amazing art of the illuminated lantern, opening September 1st on Vienna's Donau Insel.

10 pieces of Austrian slang you'll never learn in class
"Die Party war ur leiwand" and other useful phrases. Photo: Creative Commons/Jacek Becela

Not likely to be taught in class, these German and Austrian slang words are handy to have up your sleeve if you want to blend in with locals.

12 brilliant German words you won't find in English
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