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Vignette: What you need to know about Austria’s new autobahn fees for 2024

Aaron Burnett
Aaron Burnett - [email protected]
Vignette: What you need to know about Austria’s new autobahn fees for 2024
Anyone driving on the autobahn in Austria must purchase a vignette, which will see tolls increase from 2024. (Photo by Matthias Balk / dpa / AFP) / Germany OUT

People driving on autobahns and freeways in Austria have had to purchase a toll vignette since 1997 – and starting this month, the fees for some of them have changed.


Drivers who use Austria’s freeway and autobahn system are required to pay for the costs of the roads they use directly. This is done through a toll system, which you prove you've paid with a vignette.

Who needs to buy a vignette for the Austrian autobahn?

Everyone. Even daytripping tourists who might only cross the border and drive on the autobahn for a few hours – or who pass through Austria.

This toll, however, only applies to driving on the Austrian autobahn. Someone driving into Austria on a back road from, for example, any of the many villages that straddle the German-Austrian border, would not need to purchase a vignette if they stayed off the autobahn.

There are also a few short stretches of road that are exempt from the requirement, as they already have their own payable tolls. These include the A1 Westautobahn between the Salzburg Nord junction and the German border, the A12 between the Kufstein-Süd junction and the German border, the A14 between the Hohenems junction and the German border, and finally the A26 Linzer Autobahn.

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What does a vignette cost and how are these costs changing?

At a cost of €96.40 a year, €29 for two months or €9.90 for 10 days – you can get a vignette to drive on the autobahn in Austria with your car.

If you’re using a motorbike, it’s quite a bit less. You’ll shell out €38.20 for a year, €14.50 for two months or €5.80 for ten days.

It’s important to note that these are purchased by vehicle, not by person. So someone who has more than one vehicle they drive on the autobahn will need to purchase multiple vignettes.

The changed fee structure though primarily affects day tourists or other short-term visitors to Austria.

Starting this month, a new one-day vignette – at a cost of €8.60 per car – has been introduced.

The price of an annual vignette remains the same and a two-month sinks 10 cents to €28.90. Meanwhile a 10-day vignette has gone up in price to €11.50.

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How do I buy a vignette?

Austria uses a ‘stick or click’ rule when it comes to vignettes.

You can typically just buy a vignette from a number of different places that sell them, like petrol stations or some tourist information offices and then just display it on your car window.


You can also purchase it digitally online or via the Unterwegs app.

What if I’m caught driving on the autobahn without a vignette?

Control cameras are set up throughout Austria to monitor compliance. If you’re caught, expect to pay a €120 fine for a car and a €65 fine for a motorbike.

Tampering with a vignette or faking one comes with a steeper fine than simply going without. You can expect to shell out €240 for a car or €130 for doing that.

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