Summer heat and thunderstorms: What to expect for Austria’s festival weekend

The weather in Austria is forecast to be hot and volatile as the country celebrates Father's Day, the Pride Parade and Nova Rock Festival.

Vienna pride parade
Participants attend the Rainbow Parade march, bringing together lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and transsexual people, on June 15, 2013 in Vienna. AFP PHOTO / ALEXANDER KLEIN (Photo by ALEXANDER KLEIN / AFP)

Austria is heading into a weekend filled with big events, but residents should get ready for extreme heat, thunderstorms, and volatile weather, according to the country’s meteorological agency ZAMG.

The weekend kicks off with a rainy Friday in almost all of the country, although the sun will appear at times in the west and south. Afternoon temperatures are forecast to be between 15C and 24C with the rain easing off.

On Saturday, Austrian residents can expect sunny weather in most of the country, including in the capital Vienna, where the Pride Parade (Regenbodenparade) is taking place.

Burgenland, the host of the Nova Rock festival, will still have a sunny day and some overshadow by the afternoon.

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Early temperatures are between 6C and 18C, but afternoon temperatures rise to between 20C and 28C.

Sunday should also be very sunny in most of the country, especially in the west. Temperatures are set to rise to 30C, bringing the summer feeling back. Enjoy the Sunday because, on Monday, the air pressure decreases and almost all of the country will have rain showers and even thunderstorms, according to ZAMG.

Austria’s eventful weekend

The warm weekend will be particularly eventful in Austria. On Friday, the Nova Rock Festival is returning to Burgenland after a two-year absence due to Covid.

Around 225,000 guests are expected at the sold-out event to see performances by Muse, Placebo, Seiler & Speer, Volbeat and Deichkind.

On Saturday, Vienna hosts the return of its Pride Parade, known as the Rainbow Parade (Regenbogenparade). The event had been taking place at a smaller scale due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

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However, in 2022, more than 250,000 people are expected to join the parade and march through the city to celebrate the community.

The Rainbow Parade starts at the Wiener Ringstrasse at 2 pm.

Finally, Sunday is when Austria celebrates Father’s Day. No specific events or parties are expected, and the celebrations occur within each family. Many tend to enjoy the June weather and go for hikes and walks, and we will probably see loads of dads and families enjoying picnics and walks.

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All churned up: Austrian oat milk ad draws farmers’ ire

Austrian farmers were left fuming after an advert for winter tourism featured oat -instead of cow's- milk, in what industry representatives sourly slammed as an "affront to Tyrolean farmers".

All churned up: Austrian oat milk ad draws farmers' ire

The commercial was to promote Austria’s western Tyrol region, renowned for its rolling pastures and rugged peaks that are a magnet for winter sports lovers.

In the ad, a hairy, horned mythical figure called “Percht” — known for driving out winters in Alpine folklore — is invited into a Tyrolean mountain hut for a warming drink after returning a young girl’s glove that he found in the snow.

But it is the next scene that had farmers in a froth — when the “Percht” creature orders a “latte macchiato with oat milk”.

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“It can’t be that a promotional video for Tyrol features ‘oat milk’ and not the very own, genuine Tyrolean milk,” Josef Hechenberger, president of the Tyrolean Chamber of Agriculture said in a statement.

The ad is an “affront to Tyrolean farmers”, he added. 

Another regional Chamber of Agriculture and the Tyrolean Farmers’ Union had also voiced complaints, arguing that dairy-related names such as “oat milk” were banned by the European Union in adverts because they do not contain dairy products.

The uproar led to the advert which runs just over one minute long being pulled.

Tourism marketing organisation Tirol Werbung that commissioned the promotional video said the aim was to portray local hospitality and open-mindedness.

But it acknowledged that the underlying message that every preference and lifestyle is welcome in Tyrol had been lost on some viewers.

The ad called “Come as you are — in Tyrol everybody is welcome” was originally designed to cater to “modern, urban” clientele, for whom “climate protection is important” and who might be lactose-intolerant, Tirol Werbung’s communications chief Patricio Hetfleisch told AFP Thursday.

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The punchline was that “every lifestyle and each preference, ranging from gender to food” would be welcomed with hospitality in Tyrol, Hetfleisch said.

“Obviously the punchline could not be decoded by some,” he added.

The commercial only aired for around 10 days before being suspended earlier this week due to criticism, Hetfleisch said.

Hashtags and memes surrounding the row are still trending in Austria.

It was originally shot in 2019 and produced by a Berlin-based creative film production agency.