25°C: Temperatures on the rise in Austria ahead of Easter weekend

After a brief winter stint with snow and rain, the alpine country could see temperatures of up to 25 degrees (77 °F)

25°C: Temperatures on the rise in Austria ahead of Easter weekend
Spring-like weather is forecast for Austria this weekend. (Photo by JOE KLAMAR / AFP)

April, April, der macht was er will‘ (April, April, it does what it wants to) is a common saying Austrians (Germans and Swiss) say to explain the crazy weather of the month.

The first week of April certainly lived up to its fame of fickle weather. Still, Austrians can look forward to sunny days and even warm temperatures once again, according to the country’s weather institute, ZAMG.

This Monday, most of the country will have a sunny day and a clear night, with weak winds. Tuesday will also be a sunny day with moderate wind – temperatures will reach up to 23 degrees (73.4 °F), especially in Vorarlberg and Tyrol.

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On Wednesday, parts of Austria could see temperatures rising to up to 25 degrees, with the West seeing the highest temperatures again.

Maundy Thursday will also be a sunny day, with few clouds overall and some rain in parts of Austria. The temperatures could reach up to 24 degrees (75.2 °F), and the warmest regions will be the southeast and south.

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Good Friday should be a bit more unstable, ZAMG alerts, with clouds and rain showers in most of the country. However, the sun should come out throughout the day too. Afternoon temperatures should stay between 14 (57.2 °F) to 22 degrees (71.6 °F).

Cold start of the spring

As spring started in mid-March, Austria experienced an unusually dry and cold start of the spring, a change from the several weeks of clear skies before.

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Temperatures reached 10 degrees (50 °F) in March and early April, and there was even snow in some areas.

Though it might seem unusual to see snow in April, it goes with the month’s famously unsteady weather: April does what it wants and has no idea what it wants.

The weekend in the capital Vienna was also an example of the “crazy” April weather: sun and rain interspersed during the day.

Useful vocabulary

Frühling – spring
Gewitter – thunderstorm
Regenbogen – rainbow
Schneefall – snowfall
Unwetter – storm
Wetterwechsel – weather change

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Sun then thunderstorms: Extreme weekend weather forecast for Austria

Summer brings extreme weather events in Austria, with storms causing damage and temperatures rising above 35C.

Sun then thunderstorms: Extreme weekend weather forecast for Austria

The next few days will have unstable weather in Austria, with severe thunderstorms and extreme heat, according to Austria’s Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG).

Thunderstorms start on Friday throughout the country, especially in the north and south regions. Temperatures are higher in the East, with Burgenland seeing up to 36C. In the east, a cold front will bring down the temperatures to 18C in Vorarlberg and 23C in Tyrol.

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Friday evening will be colder all over Austria, with minimum temperatures of 12C in the west and 17C in the east.

Sunny and hot weekend ahead

On Saturday, there will be lots of sunshine in all of Austria, with only a few clouds in Tyrol. Temperatures rise to 30C during the day and wind blows weakly to moderately, according to ZAMG.

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Sunday will also be a sunny day, with few clouds in parts of the country. However, after a fresh morning, with minimum temperatures of 13C in Salzburg and Upper Austria, the heat comes back and thermometers will mark about 30C in most of Austria.

The institute said that clouds could form and develop into small-scale heat thunderstorms.

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Rainy week from Monday

Starting Monday, there is a change in the weather. At least temporary sunshine should show up, but more and more clouds will be noticeable, especially in the west. The region will gradually see some rain showers and thunderstorms. Only the eastern and southern states should not expect rain.

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Temperatures are still high, though, with a maximum of 33C in Burgenland and a minimum of 15C in parts of Tyrol, Salzburg, and Styria.

On Tuesday, there will be rain all over Austria, though some sunny phases may alternate with the rain showers. Especially in the south and parts of the east, thunderstorms can be expected. Wind over the Danube valley will be stronger than in the rest of Austria.

The early temperatures are between 12C and 21C, while afternoon temperatures can be between 22C and 30C.