Which parts of Vienna are lagging behind in vaccinations – and why?

Which parts of Vienna are lagging behind in vaccinations - and why?
Some parts of Vienna are vaccinating much faster than others. Photo: ALEX HALADA / AFP
Vienna sits in the middle of the pack in vaccination rates on a state-by-state comparison, although within the city-state itself rates vary significantly. Why?

As at August 30th, 2021, Vienna sits sixth out of nine states in vaccination rates. 

While Burgenland leads the way with 66.18 percent of fully immunised people, Vienna has 56.23 percent of the population vaccinated completely against Covid. 

The Austrian average is slightly higher at 58.10 percent. 

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Within Vienna, there is also a divergence in vaccination rates depending on the area. 

The highest vaccination rate can be seen in Neubau, where more than 62 percent of people have been fully immunised. 

Heating and Alsergrund also have vaccination rates higher than 61 percent. 

On the other end of the spectrum, Favouriten has a fully vaccinated percentage of 44.73 percent, alongside Brigittenau with 46.73 percent. 

Why are these areas vaccinating at different speeds? 

An analysis of different districts in Vienna shows that areas in the city with predominantly young people and a relatively high proportion of migrant populations have low vaccination rates.

The number of fully immunised is high in places where academics and older people live, such as Neubau, Hietzing and Alsergrund, broadcaster ORF reports.

In recent weeks, several Austrian states have adopted a range of methods of encouraging vaccinations, like Vienna’s recent no appointment vaccination counters in supermarkets. 

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While some parts of the country may be struggling to get people to have their first dose of the vaccine, booster shots are already being rolled out in the state of Lower Austria. 

Starting on Monday, August 30th, these shots have been restricted to people with significant immune disorders or other high-risk conditions. 

The booster shot program is to be rolled out further across the country in autumn. 

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