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Today in Austria: A roundup of the latest news on Wednesday

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The Local - [email protected] • 18 Aug, 2021 Updated Wed 18 Aug 2021 12:10 CEST
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Selzthal Bahnhof, Selzthal, Österreich. Photo by Benjamin Kaufmann on Unsplash

Find out what's going on in Austria on Wednesday, with The Local's short roundup of today's news.


Austrians’ weird behaviour unleashed when nobody is around

Austrians value privacy more than most countries - and perhaps now we understand why. 

A new survey asking people what they do when they’re home alone found that large percentages of Austrians maintain a range of weird habits when nobody is around. 

One quarter of Austrians say they throw crumbs out the window rather than in the bin when there’s nobody watching, while six out of ten like to leave the toilet door open when doing their business. 

When it comes to kitchen habits, 57 percent eat straight out of the plastic packet in the fridge - I bet you thought you were the only one - while 50 percent like to turn up the spice level in their cooking when there’s nobody else around to smell it. 

One in two people like to stroll around naked, while almost half admit to dancing to loud music played by their neighbours. 

For anyone who truly thinks they are alone, be warned - 42 percent of respondents admitted to taking a cheeky look into their neighbours’ apartment to see what was going on. 


Vienna mayor says Austria has the “responsibility” to take in Afghans

Vienna mayor Michael Ludwig says Austria has the responsibility to take in Afghans who “have fought for democracy and women’s rights”. 

Ludwig also said “it’s not about numbers, but it’s about responsibility” when talking about the number of Afghans that should be taken in. 

In addition to human rights campaigners, Austria should take in anyone who worked with the Austrian army, for instance translators. 

Will Austria accept more Afghani asylum seekers due to Taliban crisis?

Austria considers vaccinated-only events from October

Austria’s Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein said the government was contemplating restricting events to vaccinated people, but said such a move wouldn’t come into effect before October. 

The change has been nicknamed a ‘1G Rule’, referencing the 3G rule that currently restricts bars, restaurants, events, hairdresser visits and leisure activities to vaccinated, recovered and negatively tested people. 

"I believe that before an increasingly precarious epidemiological situation in autumn we have to talk about a G - and I can certainly imagine that in October," Mückstein told ORF. 

Mückstein has been on a collision course with Austrian Mayor Michael Ludwig, who has indicated he wants to restrict events - as well as some bars, restaurants and other venues - to the vaccinated from September onwards. 

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1-2-3: Nationwide rail ticket available in October

Austria’s much awaited ‘1-2-3 Ticket’ - which gives unlimited travel across the entire country - will be valid for travel from Austrian National Day on October 26th onwards. 

The ticket has been repeatedly delayed due to disputes over costs and the suitability of particular routes, however these look now to be settled. 

The official announcement is scheduled for later on Wednesday, with Austria’s Kronen Zeitung newspaper saying Austria chipped in an additional 100 million euros to make the project work. 

The ticket for the whole of Austria - including all nine states - will cost 1095 euros per year, although it will go on sale for an introductory price of 949 euros annually from October 1st. 

For those who want to travel through two states, it will cost 730 euros, while travel through one state will be 365 euros annually. 

The 365 euro ticket has been in place for some time in the state of Vienna and has won International acclaim. 

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Water, sewage and garbage costs to increase in Vienna next year

Fees for water, garbage and sewage costs are set to increase in Vienna next year, council authorities have confirmed. 

Finance Councilor Peter Hanke said the increase was necessary as the costs had not been raised in line with the consumer price index, which has risen by 5.2 percent since the last increase. 

The new costs will come into effect from January 1st, 2022. 

Der Standard reports that the average monthly cost increase for a three-person household would be around 2.45 euros, while single households would look to pay 1.07 euros more. 



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