Austria: Masks no longer required at hairdressers, gyms or cinema from Thursday

Austria: Masks no longer required at hairdressers, gyms or cinema from Thursday
Mask rules will be relaxed further in July. Photo: DAVID GANNON / AFP
From Thursday, July 1st, Austria will further relax mask rules. Here's what you need to know.

More details on relaxation of the Covid-19 rules in July 1st were announced on June 23rd in Austria.

There were few surprises, particularly when it comes to masks. 

The main change is that people will no longer have to wear masks in places where they have shown proof of being vaccinated, recovered or tested for Covid-19.

This includes, for example, restaurants, fitness studios and cinemas.

Despite previous reports that masks would continue to be required in hairdressers, pedicure salons and other “body hugging” services, this will also change

‘3G Rule’: How to prove you have been vaccinated, tested or recovered from Covid in Austria

Now, masks are only required in shops, museums and public transport, i.e. everywhere where the 3G Rule does not apply or cannot be checked. 

It must be a mask which covers the mouth and nose, i.e. this does not have to be of medical grade or FFP2. 

FFP2 masks do not need to be worn anywhere in Austria, other than in nursing homes and hospitals in the capital of Vienna. 

More information on mask rules can be found here. 

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As The Local has previously reported, there will no longer be a curfew in Austria, which means that nightclubs can also reopen.

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However, these will only be allowed to operate at 75 percent capacity.

There will also be no more square meter restrictions for this in retail.

The “3-G rule”, meaning proof of  having been vaccinated, tested or recovered, remains in place for restaurants, hotels, hairdressers and in leisure facilities and on coaches and excursion boats. 

The new ordinance can be found in full at the following link

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