Covid-19 vaccines in Austria: When will I be able to book my appointment ?  

Lower Austria has announced all age groups will be able to login and book an appointment to be vaccinated on May 10th. So when will this be possible in the rest of Austria? 

A patient entering a vaccination booth at a vaccination centre in Vienna, Austria. Photo: JOE KLAMAR / AFP
A patient entering a vaccination booth at a vaccination centre in Vienna, Austria. Photo: JOE KLAMAR / AFP

Lower Austria will allow everyone to register to be vaccinated on May 10th

The registration in Lower Austria will begin with over 50s on May 3rd, broadcaster ORF reports. On May 5th, those in their 40s can register, on May 7th,  everyone in their 30s and from May 10th, everyone aged over 16. Lower Austria’s vaccination coordinator estimates around 65 percent of the population will be willing to be vaccinated.

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Upper Austria could open up registration to all ‘by end of May’

According to the Wiener Zeitung newspaper Upper Austria only wants to make its vaccination offers available to everyone when everyone aged over 50 has been vaccinated. This is expected to be at the end of May, according to Deputy Governor Christine Haberlander. Vaccine deliveries are only confirmed two weeks ahead, making it difficult to create long-term plans, she added. 

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Burgenland vaccinates volunteer firefighters

Burgenland also has no plans to activate registration for the corona vaccination for everyone over 16. The next group will be volunteer firefighters. More than 17,000 will soon receive an invitation, Governor Hans Peter Doskozil said on Thursday. Next Saturday, May 1st, the 100,000th vaccination will be administered in Burgenland, the Wiener Zeitung newspaper reports .

Carinthia, Salzburg and Vorarlberg continue to plan ‘week by week’

Salzburg and Vorarlberg are continuing to plan their vaccination rollout ‘week by week’ according to the Der Standard newspaper, and have not set a date to open up registration to all age groups. 

In terms of the number of first coronavirus vaccinations given, Salzburg is still in last place in a comparison with Austria’s other federal states. Just 20.54 percent of its population has been jabbed, Wiener Zeitung  newspaper reports. 

However, according to deputy governor Christian Stöckl this is because many key workers in the state live outside Salzburg in Upper Austria and Bavaria, creating “statistical distortions”.  

Gerd Kurath told APA on Thursday that younger age groups would have their turn by summer in Carinthia. 

Styria – will stick to registration for priority groups 

In Styria it will also not be possible for all age groups to register for a vaccination, but doctor’s surgeries will start sending out emails or SMS messages with online links allowing  people to choose a vaccination appointment online in mid May.  These e-mail invitations will be sent to people who match the priorities of the national vaccination plan, such as age or certain previous illnesses, and only when delivery of the vaccine is confirmed by the state, the Wiener Zeitung newspaper reports. 

If an appointment is canceled twice in Styria by the person wanting to be vaccinated, people are sent to the “back of the queue”.

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Vienna – registration for all groups not possible ‘until the summer’

In Vienna registration for all groups is not planned for the near future. Vienna’s City Councilor for Health Peter Hacker (SPÖ) told the Ö1 “Morgenjournal” on Thursday he did not want to make appointments unless he was sure the vaccine deliveries would arrive.  He pointed out in Vienna at the beginning of April there was one week in which there were no deliveries of AstraZeneca vaccine and said registrations will not be possible for all age groups until summer at the earliest. 

One sore point is that 60,689 health care workers, school and kindergarten staff from Lower Austria and Burgenland were vaccinated in Vienna, which means Vienna is “missing” 40,949 vaccination doses, the Wiener Zeitung newspaper reported. 

Discussions about vaccine compensation are already being held in the Ministry of Health.

However, many essential workers in supermarkets and essential retail shops will soon get the chance to get a jab, if company vaccination starts as planned in May. Companies in line to receive vaccines directly from the federal government could include Porr, Post, ÖBB, OMV and A1 Telekom Austria, as well as supermarket chains, Vienna Airport, Magna and Erste Group, the Wiener Zeitung newspaper reports.

Tyrol will soon start vaccinating people aged over 50 

Tyrol has almost finished vaccinating everyone over 65 years of age and its high-risk population,  Health Director Thomas Pollak said on Wednesday according to broadcaster ORF. The region will soon begin vaccinating people aged over 50. The state of Tyrol does not want to allow people to book appointments far in advance, in case deliveries fail, and appointments have to be cancelled the Wiener Zeitung newspaper reports. 


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