German phrase of the day: Mach's gut

Laura McDermott
Laura McDermott - [email protected] • 18 Jan, 2023 Updated Wed 18 Jan 2023 16:41 CEST
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'Mach’s gut' is not going to be one of the first phrases you would be taught in a German class, but it is one of the most common ways of saying goodbye between friends.

If you are wanting to improve your Umgangssprache (colloquial speech), then Mach’s gut, or kommt gut, is a very popular German expression that will make you sound like a real local.

Typically used as a parting phrase, this colloquialism is often said in an informal manner between good friends or perhaps even close colleagues. 

When you next meet up with a circle of friends who you know well, just as you are about to go your separate ways you can wish them "Mach's gut!" or "kommt gut!" which is comparable to the English expression “Have a good one!”. The literal German translation means "make it good".

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Contrastingly you would not use the phrase in more formal situations, such as in an academic setting with a lecturer or with someone you should show respect such as a friend’s grandparent. The phrase can often be exchanged for the more formal “Auf Wiedersehen!”

Using the phrase in a sentence, you could say:

‘Bis morgen, mach’s gut!’ 

See you tomorrow, have a good one!

'Bis morgen, kommt gut nach Hause!'

See you tomorrow, get home safely!



Laura McDermott 2023/01/18 16:41

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