Pensioner arrested after trying to electrocute his wife

Pensioner arrested after trying to electrocute his wife
Photo: iodrakon/Depositphotos
A 74-year-old man from Upper Austria has been arrested on suspicion of trying to murder his wife on two occasions last year by giving her electric shocks.

The pensioner is now being held in police custody in Steyr.

In January 2016 the man is accused of holding a live cable against his 64-year-old wife’s armpits, Andreas Pechatschek, a spokesman for the prosecutor said on Monday. She was later treated for electrical burns to her skin by a doctor. In February a similar incident occurred. On both occasions she did not report her husband to the police.

A few months later the police received an anonymous tip-off that the man had tried to murder his wife, and they began to investigate the incidents.

Two court appointed experts concluded that holding a live cable against someone’s damp armpits could in fact kill them – which was enough to secure an arrest warrant for the man.

Police say that the 74-year-old said the first incident was an accident, and denied having tried the same thing a second time.

The woman has since separated from her husband and left the family home. She told police that when her husband tried to electrocute her she was standing in the bathroom with her back to him.