Teen threatens bar guests with replica gun after losing his phone

A drunk 19-year-old Austrian pulled out a gun in a bar in Vienna when he couldn’t find his mobile phone and threatened to shoot the owner and clientele.

Teen threatens bar guests with replica gun after losing his phone
Vienna’s Ottakringer Strasse. Photo: Gugerell/Wikimedia

Police spokesman Thomas Keiblinger confirmed that the incident took place on Thursday evening and that the teenager threatened to shoot the owner of the bar and the DJ if they didn’t hand over his missing phone – which he believed had been stolen.

The out-of-control youth was arrested shortly afterwards. The weapon turned out to be a replica gun and police found the missing phone in the man’s jacket pocket.

A waitress at the bar called the police shortly after 11pm, and they were soon at the premises in Vienna’s Ottakringer Strasse.

Witnesses told officers that the man had become angry when he couldn’t find his phone and that he grabbed the computer mouse out of the DJ’s hand and abruptly turned the music off. Then he took a gun out of his pocket and aimed it at the ceiling, yelling “nobody leaves this place!”. There were around 25 people in the bar at the time.

The 19-year-old then ordered the owner of the bar to come outside with him, telling him he was going to shoot him. Once outside, the owner was able to calm him down and young man tucked the gun into the waistband of his trousers, and went back into the bar. At this point several police cars arrived, including an armed WEGA unit. “He has disarmed and did not resist arrest,” Keiblinger said. Police found his mobile phone when they searched his jacket.

The 19-year-old told police he had only brandished the weapon in “self-defence” after he got into an argument with other drinkers in the bar. However, his fellow guests said this wasn’t the case and that he was the only person being aggressive. He was arrested on suspicion of making serious threats, given a provisional firearms ban, and is currently in police custody.


Five things to do in Vienna this weekend

Vienna is full of events, places to visit and great new restaurants to try out. If you are overwhelmed with the possibilities or just wondering where you can find a cool event only the locals know of, here are some ideas.

Five things to do in Vienna this weekend

Haus des Meeres

Since it looks like we are heading for a rainy weekend in Vienna, it’s a good idea to check out some interesting indoor places. If you haven’t visited Austria’s aquarium in Vienna 6th district, the weekend is a great time to do so.

The aquarium has several areas, including a crocodile park, a tropical house with free-flying birds and monkeys going up and down, and loads of animals in different tanks. The top floor has a roof terrace and a bar with beautiful views of Vienna.

Here you can find more information.

Free beginner Forró class

How about learning a typical Brazilian dance called Forró? This Saturday, August 20th, from 8 pm to 9 pm, there will be a free beginner course at Jo&Joe Hostel in Vienna’s 15th district.

After the class, DJ Serginho will bring some Latin Vibes music to spice up your evening. The beginners class is free, but you should register beforehand – and wear proper clothes and shoes to dance away during the night.

Here you can find more information.


While the weather is still lovely and hot, of course, ice cream parlours are very popular in Vienna. One of the most famous is the vegan shop Veganista, founded by two sisters and with several branches in the city.

Besides being vegan, the ice cream is made with no paste or ice powder mixtures, artificial additives or flavourings. The ice cream is delicious and popular even with non-vegans.

Here you can find more information.

Vienna Classic Days 2022

Every year, old and classic cars parade on the Vienna Ringstrasse, turning the city’s centre into a moving museum. They drive from the Donaupart through Viennese suburbs and the Vienna Woods, then through the first district until Wien Mitte and, this year, around 250 old vehicles are expected.

The drive starts at 9 am on Saturday, but the parade through the first district should be at 3:30 pm and the great drive on Vienna’s Ringstrasse starts at around 5:30 pm. A similar but shorter route is also happening between 10 am and 1 pm on Sunday.

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Neustifter Kirtag 2022

The end of summer, just before the start of school, is when several traditional events called Kirtage (kermesse) take place. This weekend, one of the most traditional, with people dressing up in Lederhosen and Dirndl and enjoying a wine fair, is happening in the 19th district.

The Neustifter Kirtag has free entrance and is back after being cancelled during the coronavirus pandemic. A very quintessential Austrian event, there are processions, food and beverage for the entire family from Friday (19th) to Monday (22nd).

Here you can find more information.

Do you know any other cool events happening in Vienna during the weekends? You can email us at [email protected] to share your tips and suggestions.