Severe weather warnings halt trains throughout Austria

Severe weather warnings halt trains throughout Austria
Photo: Ximeg/Wikimedia
A violent winter storm pattern will thrash through all of Austria this Wednesday. Recent forecasts have put the entire country under red alert and are predicting very difficult winter conditions that have gone so far as to impact the national train service.
According to Heute, the region of Upper Austria is currently under heavy snowfall and the outskirts of Vienna have already been hit by incredible wind speeds, peaking at 131km/hr. Within the city itself, gusts of up to 100km/hr were measured, which has lead to the closure of many major public parks, including the Augarten, Burggarten, Volksgarten, the grounds of the Belvedere Palace and Glorietteberg. 
Even the city's central ice rink located in front of town hall known as the 'Wiener Eistraum' was forced to shut down due to potential dangerous conditions. City police have also reported trees toppling over onto the street, one even crushing a parked car in the district of Ottakring. 
Additionally, the national train service, the ÖBB has stated that the coming storm has caused many lines throughout the country to be compromised in terms of either delays or cancellations. Travelers should make sure to check the updated timetables to remain on top of the changes. 
Temperatures are predicted to drop to -8 and the city is forecast to be entirely snow-covered by Sunday. It is recommended that individuals remain aware of potential sweeping debris and to dress appropriately while outdoors. 

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