Here’s what Austrians googled the most in 2016

In a year that for many was dominated by seismic events like Brexit, the surprise election of Donald Trump, and the ongoing Syrian war, Austrians were most interested in football - at least when it came to Google searchers.

Here’s what Austrians googled the most in 2016

According to Google’s annual year-end list released on Wednesday, the UEFA Euro 2016 football tournament was the year’s biggest trending search term in Austria. The smartphone game Pokemon Go was the second most popular search term.

David Bowie’s death cracked the top ten, coming in at number three and Donald Trump was at number six, followed by Brexit.

The Google Austria team also researched the oddest frequently used search terms. Spokesman Wolfgang Fasching-Kapfenberger said this was not an easy task as Austrians googled a wide variety of topics, but that one question that came up again and again was “Why do I eat so many sweet things?”

Other frequent but odd questions were “how much is a wedding ring worth”, “why are cats afraid of cucumbers”, and “how much gold is there in a SIM card”.

The most frequent googled questions were “What is CETA?”, “How many federal states does Germany have?” and “How far away is home?”

Austria’s top ten Google search terms

1. Euro 2016

2. Pokemon Go

3. David Bowie

4. Bundespräsidentenwahl (Austrian presidential election)

5. Hannes Arch

6. Donald Trump

7. Brexit

8. Alexander Van der Bellen

9. Rio 2016

10. Dschungelcamp (The Jungle Camp TV show)