Growing immigration will ‘keep Austria young’

Growing immigration will 'keep Austria young'
Vienna's Mariahilfer Straße. Photo: Die Grünen Wien
Austria’s population is growing at a rate of around 1 percent each year and is expected to increase to 9.65 million people by 2040 (+12 percent) as a result of increased immigration.

Last year, the population of Austria was 8.63 million. Without immigration, Statistics Austria says that Austria’s work force would drop considerably in the long term. The birth rate is also rising.

The capital Vienna is expected to have the most significant population growth by 2080 (+25 percent), closely followed by Lower Austria (+23 percent), Burgenland (+20 percent), Tyrol (+16 percent), Upper Austria and Vorarlberg (each +13 percent), Salzburg (+10 percent) and Styria (+8 percent). Carinthia is the only state expected to have a decline in population by 2080 (-3 percent).

Vienna will also see the highest rise in the birth rate, making it Austria’s 'youngest' state. Carinthia and Burgenland are expected to remain the 'oldest' regions. But overall, the average age of the population will significantly increase during the following decades, from 42.4 (2015) to 47.3 years (2080).

The number of foreign born residents is expected to rise to 2.32 million (+43 percent) by 2040, and to 2.63 million (+71 percent) by 2080. Currently, 34 percent of Vienna's residents are born outside of Austria. This is expected to increase to more than 40 percent after the year 2030.