Trump is ‘unelectable’ according to Austrians

According to a poll conducted by the market and opinion research firm, Akonsult, 90 percent of Austrians would vote for America's democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. These results thereby also reflect that Donald Trump would never have a chance.

Trump is 'unelectable' according to Austrians
With only one day left to vote in the US presidential election, it is understandable that the world is watching with much anticipation, given the amount of controversies that have arisen from this cycle. The research company's founder and head Kristin Allwinger states that, “politicians like Trump are not what Austrians want. Over here, he only elicits head-shaking and disbelief.”
On the other hand, Austrian presidential candidate, Alexander Van der Bellen has recently stated that he sees parallels between Trump and his opponent Norbert Hofer, the Austrian presidential candidate representing the country's right-wing Freedom Party (FPÖ). In an interview with APA, Van der Bellan named the characteristics of Trump's constituency that he sees reflected in the Freedom Party as “this hard-to-define feeling of rage that prevails amongst many, the brutal rhetoric which Trump has been guilty of using, the badgering of minorities such as Latinos, etc.”
In response, the FPÖ general secretary released a statement saying that he finds Van der Bellan's critique of Trump to be “embarrassing” and that it reveals him to be clueless in terms of foreign policy. “Someone who expresses themselves so viciously about a candidate who may become the next US president two days before the election is unworthy of statesmanship.” 
The results of the 58th US presidential election will most likely be announced in the early morning hours of Wednesday, November 9th.