Woman’s legs reattached after threshing machine horror

Woman's legs reattached after threshing machine horror
A threshing machine. Photo: Ben Franske/Wikimedia
A young woman whose legs were severed in an accident involving a threshing machine has had her limbs reattached in a long and difficult operation.

The horrific accident happened at the weekend in the small rural community of Drasenhofen, located on the border with the Czech Republic.

The 22-year-old woman works as a dental assistant but is married to a farmer and was helping him harvest his corn.

She was throwing the corn into the mouth of the thresher – which separates the corncobs from the stalks – when she got caught in the chain and her legs were pulled into the machine. The driver of the thresher stopped immediately and called the ambulance but she had already received devastating injuries.

“The entire community was deeply affected by this tragic accident. We are all so happy that this young woman is now recovering,” the mayor of Drasenhofen, Reinhard Künzl, said.