19-year-old badly injured in crane support accident

A 19-year-old woman has been seriously injured after a crane support slipped off a truck and hit her in the village of Kritzendorf, just outside Vienna.

19-year-old badly injured in crane support accident
The crane support on the back of the truck. Photo: Police

The young woman, who lives in Vienna, was walking down a pavement next to a main road in Kritzendorf on Monday afternoon when a truck which had the crane support loaded on the back came towards her at some speed.

As the truck passed her the crane support came loose, hitting in her the hip. She was knocked to the ground and suffered life-threatening head injuries. She was flown by emergency medical helicopter to Vienna General Hospital, and is in a critical condition.

The local prosecutor confiscated the truck immediately after the accident. Now experts are investigating whether there was a technical fault or if the 30-year-old truck driver was to blame and should be charged with negligence.