Comedian sets sights on Austrian parliament

An Austrian comedian, Roland Düringer, has founded a new political party and says he plans to introduce it in time for Austria’s next parliamentary election in 2018.

Comedian sets sights on Austrian parliament
Roland Düringer. Photo: ORF

However, it’s not yet clear what exactly the party stands for. Düringer has recorded a short two-minute video in which he cryptically says: “I'm the taxi driver. The party is the taxi… and everyone can have a ride. I”ll steer the vehicle, but that’s all I can do.”

The party is called “Ab jetzt G!LTs” and was partly founded as a reaction to the delayed and trouble-plagued presidential election.

In another video Düringer says that the party is for “everyone who finds the current parties don’t offer them anything,” and that he wants to give people the opportunity to “participate in the process – and have their vote count”. 

He adds that the new party is is part art project and part “paradoxical intervention”. He’s also set up a Facebook group entitled “Politkollegium”, to support the project.

Düringer is a popular cabaret performer and actor in Austria who starred in films such as “Muttertag” and “Hinterholz 8” – but recently he’s been showing a more political side and has been critical of the existing parties in Austria.