Police bitten and kicked by tourist in Salzburg

Police bitten and kicked by tourist in Salzburg
Wikimedia/Joachim Köhler
Police called out to an incident in Salzburg ended up being spat, bitten, and kicked at by a tourist who was furious at being asked for ID while exchanging money.

A woman from the United Arab Emirates had got into an argument with a bank employee while trying to exchange money in the popular resort Zell am See.

After she had returned to exchange large amounts of money several times, the cashier became suspicious and asked her for ID. Police say the 20-year-old then reacted aggressively, swearing at the bank employee.

When the police arrived and took the young woman away she reportedly spat in the face of officers, kicked one in the leg and bit his finger.

While she was being dragged away, police say her 48-year-old mother then got involved when she went into the bank and tried to slap the bank employee, spit at him and then threw stones into the bank branch.

The mother was also arrested along with her daughter but was released on bail.

Zell am See is the most popular spot in Austria for tourists from the Gulf region, after the resort began marketing itself to Arab tourists as a ‘paradise’ over a decade ago.

It's thought at least 70,000 tourists from the Gulf region visit the resort every summer.