Mystery woman’s body found on Austrian road

Austrian police are struggling to establish the identity of a woman who was found dead on a motorway in Lower Austria at the weekend.

Mystery woman's body found on Austrian road
Photo: My Friend/Wikimedia

The body was discovered around 2am Saturday morning on the S1 Außenring-Schnellstraßeroad in the direction of Hungary by a driver who called police after she thought someone had been injured.

By time the police arrived, several drivers had already secured the area around the body, which had reportedly been driven over several times.

Paramedics were also called to the scene but could only confirm that the woman was dead.

Despite the incident happening nearly five days ago, police have still been unable to establish the identity of the woman nor the circumstances of her death. An autopsy is due to take place in the coming days.

They also do not know how the body ended up lying on the S1. Although police are currently assuming the death was the result of an accident, they are keeping all leads open.

According to authorities, the woman  was alone and did not have a vehicle with her. She was around 30-years-old, 165 centimetres tall, heavyset, and with a tattoo of a leopard's head on her calf.

Acquaintances of the woman and witnesses to the accident are asked to get in touch with police.