Man dies while skinny-dipping with mistress

Man dies while skinny-dipping with mistress
Photo: Stanislav Doronenko/Wikimedia
An Austrian man drowned during a skinny-dipping session with his mistress on Saturday, after jumping naked with her into a nearby lake.

The 66-year-old married man died while trying to cool off in a lake with his mistress in Poysdorf in Lower Austria.

Rudolf R went for a drink with his mistress in a local bar in the Weinviertel on Saturday, when temperatures were at nearly 35 degrees.

Later in the evening after a couple of drinks, the couple decided to cool off in the lake near the local inn by jumping in naked.

R drowned soon after they jumped in, pulling his mistress under the water with him. The cause of death was likely a heart attack, according to police.

A waitress from the inn, with the help of another staff member, got to the 44-year-old woman in time and pulled her out of the water after hearing her cries for help.

She was stabilized by an emergency services and taken to the AKH General Hospital in Vienna. However, R could not be rescued in time and died at the scene.

As there was no evidence of foul play, the prosecution saw no reason to demand an autopsy. The police then had to perform the delicate task of informing the widow of the circumstances surrounding her husband’s death.

Written by Helena Uhl

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