Two cases of babies trapped in hot cars

Tragedy was narrowly averted on Thursday when rescue services were called out to two cases of infants trapped in overheating cars. Meanwhile, temperatures soared over much of the country.

Two cases of babies trapped in hot cars
Temperatures soared inside the car. Photo: Paul Gillingwater
In the first case, passers-by discovered a 5-week-old baby boy locked in the passenger side of a dark-coloured car at the Linz railway station, as temperatures exceeded 30 degrees, according to a report in Heute.  
The boy's mother (30) from Styria had gone to visit the toilet in the station, and according to Police, was away from the car for at least 20 minutes.
Police officer Helmut M. (30) broke in the rear window of the vehicle, to rescue the screaming child from the baking car.  Together with his colleague Joachim W. (45), they handed over the infant to rescue services, who took him to hospital for evaluation and treatment.
The mother soon after returned, and was charged with negligence and endangering a child.
According to ÖAMTC spokesman Thomas Stix, even ten minutes is dangerous for a child in a car in these conditions.  
“With 30 degrees external temperature, the inside can quickly rise to 55 or 60 degrees”, he said.
Trouble in Wels
A second incident occurred in Wels, where a baby was playing with the key fob, and accidentally locked himself inside the vehicle.  The mother immediately called the fire brigade, who were able to free the child from the BMW vehicle.
It's not only babies who are in danger, as a case last week showed with a dog trapped in a hot car.
Thursday was the hottest day of the year so far, with many places in the lowlands of Austria exceeding 30 degrees.  The highest temperature was in Imst in Tyrol, with 35.2 degrees, followed by Hohenau in Lower Austria with 33.5 degrees, and Schärding in Upper Austria with 32.8 degrees.
Vienna's highest temperature was 31.9 degrees.
The heatwave is expected to move eastwards, with temperatures on Friday expected to peak above 35 degrees in the Flachgau and Lake Neusield regions.

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Forecast: Austria faces sunny weekend but temperatures to drop next week

Despite recent sunny weather, people in Austria will have to brace for wintery temperatures in the coming days.

Forecast: Austria faces sunny weekend but temperatures to drop next week

On Friday, people in Austria woke up to a foggy day that quickly turned into an unexpectedly sunny day with mild temperatures. Still, the country’s weather is about to change, Austria’s meteorologic institute ZAMG said.

Saturday should still have some periods of sunshine, especially in the eastern half of the country – perfect for those who will take part in the Viennese Wine Hiking Day (Wiener Weinwandertag), as temperatures should stay around 15C to 18C during the day.

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In Vorarlberg and Tyrol, however, it may already start to rain, especially south and along the main ridge of the Alps.

Early temperatures in Austria are expected to be between one and eleven degrees, with lower values in the north and daytime highs of 15C to 21C.

Screenshot from ZAMG

On Sunday, dense clouds will dominate and rain is expected in many places. However, a few sunny spells are quite possible in between, most likely in the north and east of the country.

Mostly weak to moderate winds from south to west. Early temperatures will be between six and twelve degrees and daytime highs between 13 and 18 degrees.

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On Monday, sun and partly dense clouds will alternate. In the course of the day, there may be rain showers, especially in the mountains, where the clouds are often thicker.

Early temperatures will be between six and twelve degrees, with daily highs between 13C and 19C.

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Stormy weather from Tuesday

On Tuesday, the unsettled weather will continue. Although there may be sunny spells sometimes, clouds will predominate.

Rain showers are expected in all parts of the country, and it could rain for longer periods in some areas.

Early temperatures are between six and twelve degrees, and daily highs are between eleven and 17 degrees.