Blind man insulted for not picking up after his dog

A blind man had dog faeces pushed through his letterbox by a neighbour who was angry that he did not pick up after his guide dog, despite the fact he cannot see the excrement.

Blind man insulted for not picking up after his dog

Thirty-eight-year-old Roman K has faced a barrage of insults and criticism from the people in his council housing block in the Vienna district of Donaustadt, after being unable to pick up the poo while out on a walk with his dog.

K suffers from a near complete blindness due to an eye disease known as Retinitis pigmentosa, which causes progressive degeneration of the retina.

Despite his illness, the 38-year-old continues to live independently in a council flat in Donaustadt. Flint, his guide dog, helps him navigate the streets.

“I have to take him for a walk three times a day, but at the moment I do not really like being outside,” K told Heute.

He says he does not like taking his dog for a walk because he struggles with picking up after Flint. The 38-year-old cannot distinguish between dark and light, therefore cannot see his dog’s faeces on the ground.

He told Heute that he carries a doggy bag around and asks passers-by for help but most of them do not want to help.

The fact that he has not picked up after his dog has caused uproar in his council block. As well as the bag full of dog faeces, he has also received three anonymous complaints.

He says one of his neighbours has been especially rude, insulting him over and over again. “I really don’t know what to do next,” he said.

Written by: Helena Uhl


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