Angry Austrian driver bites traffic policeman

Angry Austrian driver bites traffic policeman
Manolo Gómez/Wikimedia
An Austrian policeman ended up being bitten by an angry woman driver after he stopped her while carrying out checks in Upper Austria.

The driver had been pulled over by police in the district of Braunau after they spotted she was driving with suspicious license plates.

When she failed to present a driver’s license, the police asked her to step out of the vehicle but she refused to leave the car.

As an officer leaned in through the half-open car window to try to take the key out of the ignition and open the door, the driver then allegedly bit and scratched him on the arm.

According to police, she was then immediately “forcibly brought out of the vehicle” and her driving license, keys and vehicle were all seized by authorities.

The driver was reported for various traffic offences and for resisting a police officer.