Weekend promises both hailstones and sunshine

Weekend promises both hailstones and sunshine
Strandbad Alte Donau. Photo: Stadt Wien
It is a mixed bag when it comes to weather in Austria this weekend, with parts of the country expecting strong rain, hail and storms while other regions enjoying 31 degrees sunshine.

Large areas of Austria, particularly in the western alpine region, will be hit by rain Friday afternoon as well as parts of Saturday, eventually turning into more stormy conditions on Sunday afternoon.

Temperatures will stay high however, which may cause uncomfortably humid and sticky conditions.

“In the muggy air, this could turn fierce, with much lightning, strong rain, storms and hail,” said UBIMET meterologist Josef Lukas. “In some places storms with flooding and landslides are even possible.”

Those in the southern and eastern areas of the country can feel smug, however, as it will stay mostly dry and sunny in those regions. Some areas of Upper Austria, Vienna and Burgenland are even expected to see 31 degrees Celsius but don’t get too comfortable as UBIMET warns individual storms are “also possible here”.

In Vienna, summer bathers have already been filling up the popular swimming spots at Alte and Neue Donau, with many taking the opportunity of the holiday this week to soak up some rays.

Operators of swimming pools in the city will also be happy to hear of the warm coming weekend, after seeing a record slow start when they opened at the beginning of May due to particularly grey and wet weather.