‘Ice cream’ killer begins publishing internship

‘Ice cream’ killer begins publishing internship
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The woman known as the ‘ice cream’ killer who is in jail in Austria for murdering two lovers and storing their body parts in the cellar of her ice cream shop is to start an internship at a publishing company.

Estibaliz Carranza, 36, is serving a life sentence in a mental institution in Austria after being found guilty in 2012 of shooting her husband Holger Holz in the head in 2008 and then killing her lover Manfred Hinterberger in his sleep in 2010.

The gruesome discovery that Spanish-Mexican Carranza had chopped the bodies up with a chainsaw and stored their heads and other body parts in cement in the cellar in Vienna shocked Austria.

After releasing her memoirs ‘My Two Lives, The True Story of the Ice Lady’ in 2014 with the publishing company edition a, the firm has now confirmed that the murderer is to start an internship with them.

The company confirmed to Heute newspaper that Carranza, who has studied distance learning courses in Business Education, is to intern with them for three months.

“It is correct that Mrs Carranza will carry out an ‘internet module’ with us in the next three months”, said editor Bernhard Salomon who added that the inmate will give marketing tips to authors from a laptop in the prison. “That was her own idea,” he said.

In her memoirs, which she did not get paid for, Carranza wrote that she does not want understanding or a pardon but that she made her lovers into “monsters and finally they made me a beast”.

“I killed two men, whom I once loved,” Carranza writes. “There is no way of glossing this over, I robbed two mothers of their sons. I believed I had to serve men, no matter how they behaved.”