Austrian tourist missing in Antigua

An Austrian tourist who went missing on the Caribbean island of Antigua at the end of March is still missing, according to local police.

Austrian tourist missing in Antigua
Missing woman Doris Leonhartsberger. Photo: provided by family

Doris Leonhartsberger (40) was reported missing by her partner on March 30th.  

The Honorary Consul for Austria in Antigua & Barbuda, Gabriela Luery, informed the island's Observer newspaper that the woman’s distraught mother and another friend remain in contact with her for updates.

“We’re wondering what’s happened to her. Her bag was found on Fort Road and contained her wallet, credit cards, and some clothing. Her passport and Austrian identification card were all there. It just doesn’t make sense,” Luery said.

Senior Sergent Theodore Horne of the Criminal Investigation Department described the status of the search effort.

“Her partner reported her missing Wednesday early in the morning because she didn’t come back home… We’ve expanded the search since she was initially reported of her being missing. We’ve conducted searches of the entire McKinnons area and Fort Road. We’ve canvassed Villa, Point, and a number of coastline areas. We are still searching,” he said.

Sgt Horne added that the missing woman’s bag had been found on Fort James Beach after her disappearance. He said that several unconfirmed reports had been made to the police by members of the public who indicated that they had seen the visitor after the time she went missing.

“We’ve spoken to people who said that they saw her on Tuesday 29, between 6 pm and 6:30 pm, and also on the Wednesday in the afternoon. Our enquires surround her reportedly having being seen with a man who had dreadlocks. She was seen with the same person on both Tuesday and Wednesday.

“Her partner also told us that she reported to him having gone on an island tour with this gentleman with dreadlocks,” Sgt Horne said.