Snack security hired in Vienna after thefts

Snack security hired in Vienna after thefts
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A food stall in Vienna has been forced to hire security to guard people’s snacks after thieves repeatedly stole sausages from customers' plates when their backs were turned.

Customers at the Radatz food stall in Vienna’s Rochusmarkt were complaining that their snacks were being taken by opportunist thieves and beggars who hung around near the stall.

One customer described to Heute newspaper how they saw someone walk off with their entire meal after turning their back to the table for a second.

“I bought two chicken pieces, put them on the table and quickly grabbed myself a napkin. When I came back the table was empty. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a man strolling away with my meal,” they said.

“The beggars are unfortunately getting bolder,” said the market stall holder. “A few customers turn around just for a second, then they are missing half their sandwich.”

Now the stall holders have turned to a private security guard to help deter thieves and protect their customer’s food, thought to be the first such snack security in Vienna.

The new guard – who is 54-year-old who goes by the first name Kellner – has got decades long experience of working for the security firm ÖWD.

“My presence is enough to deter the nuisances away,” he said.

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