Refugee Crisis

Phone footage charts refugee flight from start to finish

Phone footage charts refugee flight from start to finish
Youtube screenshot.
Hundreds of people crammed into a lecture hall in Vienna yesterday to watch a film that tells the story of refugees as they flee their countries and make their way to Germany - using only footage shot on their mobile phones.

The film My Escape, which was directed by Elke Sasse and published on Deutsche Welle, starts with someone filming bombs being dropped on a city in Syria, as well as footage showing what normal life was like there before the war.

It then goes on to chart the different journeys made to Europe and eventually to Germany using only mobile phone footage taken by refugees on the way and interviews with refugees in Germany.

“We noticed that many refugees are using mobile phones to document the journey,” the filmmakers said, adding that they asked people to send them their footage that they then pulled into a film.

When it was shown at a lecture hall in the University of Vienna yesterday, crowds started gathering hours before the screening and in the end over 600 people tried to cram into the 400 person hall.

The film is available in German, English and Arabic. For those that didn't make it yesterday, here are part one and two of the film translated into English: