Overpaying a fine in Austria can be costly

Overpaying a fine in Austria can be costly
File photo: APA
Anyone who has to pay a fine in Austria should be wary - accidentally overpay the amount owed and you could be landed with another even larger fine!

A Vienna man who got a speeding ticket for €56 and accidentally transferred €57 when he paid the fine online has now been told he must pay another fine of €70 for his honest mistake.

The man received the speeding fine after he was caught driving in Vienna at 71 km/h in a 50 km/h area. After paying it online he thought the matter was closed – until he received another demand for €70 because he had paid the wrong amount.

The administrative court (VwGH) confirmed that according to the law it’s not enough to pay the fine on time and use the correct ID number – it must also be the exact amount demanded.

“Paying a higher penalty is subject to a fine – as is paying less than the amount demanded,” Die Presse newspaper quoted the VwGH as saying.

It seems that in Austria you can be fined for pretty much anything – earlier this week we reported on the case of a Vienna bartender who was fined €70 for burping loudly in the proximity of a policeman.