Austrian kangaroo takes final cab

Austrian kangaroo takes final cab
File photo: Drs/Wikimedia
An escaped kangaroo in the wilds of southern Austria was hit by a taxi and killed last weekend.

The kangaroo, whose origin is not known, had been spotted hopping around the back roads of Carinthia for the past year.

Kangaroos are not endemic to Austria, but usually one or two seem to turn up every few years, as escapees from private zoos or circuses.

Several attempts had been made over the past months to capture the animal, but all had failed.

The hapless marsupial met its demise at 5am, when it ran in front of the taxi on the Zlaner Landesstraße near Mauthbrücken. 

There was a similar case in Lower Austria in 2015, when another unrelated kangaroo was hit by a car before emergency services could capture it.

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