Toddler hunts for Santa in Salzburg on Xmas eve

Police in Salzburg received a surprising call just before midnight on Christmas Eve, when a hotel reported an unusual guest was trying to check in.

Toddler hunts for Santa in Salzburg on Xmas eve
Photo: Jiuguang Wang/Wikimedia

A three year old U.S. girl had wandered past the hotel alone, dressed only in socks and a nightgown.

After an hour of frantic calls, police were able to track down a tourist family in a nearby hotel, who hadn't noticed that their daughter had somehow opened the hotel door, and wandered off.

The girl's mother and grandmother were woken with a phone call after the receptionist remembered that they had a young girl matching the description with them when they checked in.

The pair were able to retrieve their errant child at the police station at 1 a.m. on Christmas day, where the little girl was sleeping peacefully on a couch.

Police speculated that the girl may have gone looking for Santa Claus in the streets of the picturesque Austrian tourist city.