Mysterious attack on St Pölten buses

Police are investigating an incident in St Pölten, Lower Austria, where four shots were fired at local buses on Tuesday evening. Nobody was injured.

Mysterious attack on St Pölten buses
A LUP bus in St Pölten. Photo:

Two separate buses were shot at on Tuesday evening at around 7.15pm and half an hour later, at 7.45pm. The LUP buses were each hit twice whilst they were in the Mariazellerstrasse area. A wheel on one of the buses was badly damaged.

The Transport Association for the Eastern Region (VOR) said that the passengers on the buses were not in any danger. However, for security reasons the bus service on that route was suspended for the rest of the evening.

Police believe the shots were fired from a small caliber gun or air rifle. The damaged buses have now been repaired and are back in service.