Chilly weather on the way

It's the middle of November, and Austria's weather remains unseasonably mild, with blue skies and sunshine--but storms and cold weather are on the way.

Chilly weather on the way
Photo: Paul Gillingwater
By the middle of the week, there is expected to be a significant temperature drop and a strong storm with winds of up to 100 km/h.
UBIMET meteorologist Martin Schreiter explained that “high pressure areas were retreating back to South-West Europe, leading during the course of the week to low pressure zones moving in storms from the Atlantic.”
The Local notes that winter is on the way, but won't officially arrive until December 21st, so we still have five weeks of Autumn remaining.
In particular, Wednesday is expected to see storms, with the region between Innviertel and the eastern lowlands being pummeled by squalls from 70 to 100 km/h.  Forecasters are warning to secure anything which shouldn't be blown away.
By Thursday, the calm should return, but by Friday cold weather will follow, with a massive drop in temperatures.  Snow is definitely expected at higher elevations, bringing cheer to skiers as the opening of the ski season will proceed as planned as November brings its usual chill.

Winter can also bring a lot of fun!  Photo: Paul Gillingwater

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Heatwave in Austria: Temperatures to top 36C from Monday

Extreme heat and thunderstorms are expected in Austria on Monday evening with temperatures set to remain high throughout the week.

Heatwave in Austria: Temperatures to top 36C from Monday

The week starts hot and rainy in Austria, with the heatwave forecast to see temperatures hit 35C in parts of the country on Monday, according to Austria’s Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG).

There is also a high risk of thunderstorms, especially on Monday afternoon and Friday.

High air pressure and subtropical hot air masses provide plenty of sunshine and summer temperatures on Monday. The sun will shine in a cloudless sky in most of the country, but some clouds might form over the Alps during the day. Thunderstorms are expected by the evening, especially in Tyrol, Vorarlberg, and Salzburg.

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In the morning, temperatures will already hit 25C in the West, and Vienna will have a maximum of 35C.

On Tuesday, unstable air masses from southwestern Europe reach Austria, ZAMG alerts. They should bring clouds, rain showers, and thunderstorms, especially on the southern side of the Alps.

Mornings will be between 15C to 23C, with temperatures reaching 33C during the day.

In the middle of the week, ZAMG says there will likely be rain showers and thunderstorms in Austria. Therefore, there is an alert for extreme weather as the storms can get heavy. The early temperatures are between 15C and 23C, but the daily maximum varies greatly, with 23C expected in the west and about 36C in the east of Austria.

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While Thursday should be sunny with midsummer weather, and no thunderstorms in most of the country, Friday brings a “striking disturbance zone”, ZAMG says.

According to the institute, it is not possible to estimate how far the zone will progress eastwards. Still, the unstable weather will mean showers, thunderstorms, and declining temperatures, especially for Vorarlberg to Upper Austria.

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The daily maximum temperatures also vary regionally, with 22C in the west but 35C in the east.