Hikers beaten up by mountain bikers in Tyrol

A group of hikers in Tyrol were attacked by three aggressive mountain bikers on Saturday afternoon as they descended the Rumer Alm in the Innsbruck Land district. One of the hikers suffered multiple lacerations.

Hikers beaten up by mountain bikers in Tyrol
Rumer Alm - a hiking and biking paradise. Photo:

Police told local media that five hikers were descending from the alm towards the valley at around 5.30pm when they were overtaken at high speed by a mountain biker.

The group called after the biker that he should slow down – at which point he stopped and put one of the hikers in a stranglehold. The man struggled to free himself and the biker sped off down the valley.

When the hikers reached the Siebenwegekreuzung they found the biker was waiting for them with two friends. They knocked one of the group, a 58-year-old man, to the ground and kicked him. One of the bikers hit him in the face with his helmet, and the man suffered multiple cuts on his head and bruising on his chest. When the man’s wife tried to come to his aid one of the cyclists punched her in the stomach.

Police are now looking for the three mountain bikers, who are between 20 and 25 years old and speak ‘High German’. One of the men has blond, curly hair and “piercing” blue eyes. Another is described as short, with dark hair and an athletic build. Two of the men were riding downhill mountain bikes and one was on an ordinary mountain bike.