12-year-old dies after fall from loft bed

12-year-old dies after fall from loft bed
Florentina's school. Photo: Christoph Gantner
A 12-year-old girl from Upper Austria has died after falling from a loft bed and suffering fatal head injuries.

Florentina’s mother found her body on Tuesday morning, when she went into her bedroom to wake her before school. It is still unclear why she fell out of the bed, and if she was awake at the time.

The loft bed is 1.3 metres high, with a ladder at one end, and a frame designed to prevent the user falling off the mattress. Police believe the 12-year-old may have woken in the night and tried to get out of the bed and tumbled down, hitting her head.

The local prosecutor said it was a tragic accident and there was no evidence of foul play.

A black flag has been raised at the girl’s school and her shocked classmates and their parents are receiving psychological counselling. Florentina was an only child and her parents are being cared for by a crisis intervention team.