Mossad ‘bugged’ high level nuke talks

A report in the Swiss broadsheet Der Tagesanzeiger alleges that Swiss investigators found sophisticated monitoring cameras bugging talks at Swiss and Austrian hotels.

Mossad 'bugged' high level nuke talks
The luxury hotel Palais Coburg was a major venue for the talks while parties were in Austria. Photo: Palais Coburg

According to the newspaper, cyber hackers were able to monitor negotations held during the year between Iran, the USA, Germany and other members of the UN Security Council.

Investigators had discovered that cameras had been found which were controlled by a very complex trojan software associated with Israeli secret services.

The paper said that “Swiss security services suspected Israelis were behind the cyber attack before the raid on the President Wilson hotel–and today, nothing has changed.”

Suspicions were first raised in spring when Kaspersky Labs found a sophisticated hack on several computers in hotels used to host the talks.  Days later, police cyber crime specialists raided the President Wilson hotel in Geneva.

According to police sources, several of the hotel's security staff had strong links to Israeli intelligence, which may have led to compromise of evidence.

After analysis, it was found that systems from the hotel were being controlled by Duqu 2, a remote access tool believed to originate from Mossad's directorate of foreign sigint collection, Unit 8200.

Der Tagesanzeiger further reported that the trojan was being used to access surveillance cameras and microphones used throughout the hotel, and may have been used to pass intelligence over the sensitive Iran nuclear talks, from which Israel had been excluded.

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