Final heatwave before autumn comes

Despite Monday marking the end of the official meteorological summer, the hot weather is expected to continue with weathermen warning of a fifth heatwave in Austria this week.

Final heatwave before autumn comes

Temperatures between 29 and 36 degrees are expected in the coming days, according to meteorologists at weather forecasting service UBIMET.

The expected temperatures are well above the average for this season but UBIMET meteorologist Martin Schreiter said that with the sun now lower in the sky than in July and August, the climate should be more bearable.

“In contrast to the hot periods in July and early August the sun is already somewhat lower and the air now cools down at night much more. This makes the temperatures a lot more bearable,” he said.

Sun worshippers have been told to enjoy as much of the last of the summer sun as they can in the next few days as temperatures are expected to drop again by the end of the week, with potentially even autumnal weather conditions during the first weekend of September.

Warmest July since records began

Summer 2015 saw the warmest July since records began, with August also experiencing over two weeks of undisrupted heat.

“Between the 6th and 14th of August Vienna experienced temperatures above 35 degrees no fewer than nine days in a row. This is remarkable since the previous record of days with these temperatures was just five for the whole summer of 2003,”  says meteorologist Josef Lukas.

The highest temperature in August was 38.2 degrees Celsius, recorded in Wolkersdorf in Upper Austria.

Over in Germany, an equally sizzling heatwave is taking place today with some areas experiencing what has been described as “tropical conditions” extending from the Niederrhein (Lower Rhine) region, over Hamburg and Berlin and to eastern Saxony.

Escaping the heat

For those in Vienna looking to escape the heat, the Local Austria has compiled a list of ways to cool down in the city.

Take a look at some of our top tips for avoiding the sun, from visiting healthy salt grottos to going underground.


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MAP: Where will storms hit Austria this weekend?

After five people died in severe storms on Thursday August 18th, Austria's meteorologists warn of more rainfall and strong winds over the weekend. Here's what you need to know.

MAP: Where will storms hit Austria this weekend?

Five people died when strong winds uprooted several trees in the southern states of Austria, and storms are forecast to hit the country this Friday (August 19th) and Saturday (20th), according to weather agency ZAMG.

This Friday, there are warnings for thunderstorms, rain, and heat in most of the country – especially the east and south. You can check ZAMG’s warning map here:

Weather warnings for Friday, August 19th (ZAMG)

The highest alert now in place is in the orange areas (close attention warning), where the “current weather can lead to risks, disturbances to everyday life and damage. Pay close attention to the ongoing weather forecasts”.

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The yellow areas (caution warning) are places where “caution in the current weather circumstances is urged, but only isolated weather-related risks and/or damages are expected”, according to ZAMG.

It should continue to rain during the night in the west of Austria, especially near the Alps. In the rest of the country, the weather is also temporarily unstable and some rain, showers and thunderstorms are expected at night – reaching the far east then.

Rain but fewer thunderstorms on Saturday

On Saturday, the weather forecast is still for rain in most parts of the country, especially on the northern side of the Alps between Vorarlberg and Salzburg.

Later in the day, the rain should affect the eastern part of Austria, where it will be warmest, with temperatures of up to 28C expected.

Extreme weather alerts (attention warnings) are in place for the east of Austria, including Vienna and surroundings and Burgenland and the Innsbruck and Salzburg regions.

Weather warnings for Saturday, August 20th, in Austria (ZAMG)
On Sunday, there are still some residual clouds – and, therefore, possibly some rain, but no forecast for thunderstorms or any extreme weather warning by the ZAMG.

What to do in case of severe storms?

According to Die Helfer Wiens (The Helpers of Vienna), one of the most significant risks during a storm is being hit by a falling tree or flying debris.

For this reason, they advise people (and pets) to stay indoors during a storm as well as to close all windows and doors.

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If staying in a tent or campervan, it’s also advisable to seek shelter in a building (if possible) until the storm has passed.

The same goes for those walking or driving, and authorities say the best advice is to stay away from the forest or areas with lots of trees during a storm.

Don’t underestimate the risks. The recent deadly storm lasted only for ten minutes but caused destruction in valleys and just a few (but strong) gusts of wind had fatal consequences.

Even if there was no extreme weather warning for your region, take the necessary care – Thursday’s thunderstorm in Carinthia came with no warning due to an extremely rare mixture of factors. The atypical heat led to even stronger winds.

“To a certain extent, thunderstorms are unpredictable”, said ZAMG Klagenfurt head Christian Stefan. As a result, the weather institute had only a yellow warning for the southern Carinthia region early on Thursday.

Useful vocabulary

Wind – Wind
Rain – Regen
Thunderstorm – Gewitter
Heat Stress – Hitze
Caution – Vorsicht
Attention – Achtung