‘Muslims forced to eat pork’ allegations false

'Muslims forced to eat pork' allegations false
Photo: Facebook of Greens MEP Michael Reimon.
Social media reports in Austria suggesting that refugees at the Traiskirchen reception centre were served pork have been shown conclusively to be false.

An investigation by Austrian TV news broadcaster Zeit im Bild found that the meals offered to migrants contained rice and diced beef.

On Thursday, a social media posting by Greens Euro MP Michael Reimon showed a picture of a meal served to people staying at the overcrowded Traiskirchen reception centre, suggesting that the food contained pork, a deliberate provocation to the Muslims among them.

On Friday, Austrian media investigated, and found that the small chunks of what looked like meat were in fact only diced beef sausage (Rinderhartwurst).

The allegations were taken very seriously, as Muslims refuse to eat pork for religious reasons, and being served such food would be seen as a major humiliation.

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Reis mit Speck

Auf Facebook kursiert derzeit ein Foto, das aus dem Erstaufnahmezentrum Traiskirchen stammen soll. Der Vorwurf: Asylwerber bekommen Reis mit Speck als Mahlzeit, obwohl viele der Menschen dort Muslime sind und daher kein Schweinefleisch essen. Wir haben uns die Sache genauer angeschaut:

Posted by Zeit im Bild on Friday, 21 August 2015

The reporter interviewed Walter Ruscher, human rights coordinator for the Austrian interior ministry, who claimed that it was impossible for the kitchens to have served pork to any of the refugees.