‘Peeping Tom’ caught out in supermarket

'Peeping Tom' caught out in supermarket
A 57-year-old man who went to great lengths to construct a home-made device to film up women’s skirts in an Austrian supermarket has been caught and reported for sexual harassment.

The man, originally from Germany, had made a device which he attached to his mobile phone so that he could hide the phone in a shopping bag and position the camera upwards, to film under ladies’ skirts.

He drove to a supermarket in Blütenstrasse in Linz where he had planned an afternoon of voyeurism. However a friend of one of his victim’s noticed he was behaving oddly, confronted him, and then called the police.

When police officers searched his bag they found his home-made recording equipment and realised what he was up to. He has been reported to the prosecutor's office for sexual harassment but was released from police custody.