Happy ending for abandoned baby

Happy ending for abandoned baby
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A newborn girl who was found abandoned in an apartment block in Liezen, Styria on Sunday has been adopted.

On Sunday morning 16-year-old schoolgirl Michelle P. discovered the newborn wrapped in a towel and left on a neighbour’s doormat.

The neighbour, Renate B., who had fostered children from broken homes for decades, said the baby appeared to be only a few hours old, and called the police. She said she believed it was “no coincidence” that the baby had been left outside her door.  

It turned out that a 41-year-old mother of three had abandoned the baby after concealing her pregnancy from her family, as she had been having an affair.

After being questioned by police she confessed later on Sunday.  She said she had become pregnant after having a fling and had wanted to keep the baby, but could not risk her husband finding out it wasn’t his. She faces a prison sentence of between six months and five years for abandoning her baby.

She has since agreed to give her little girl up for adoption to an Austrian couple from Ennstal who couldn’t have children, and are reported to be overjoyed to have a baby daughter.

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