Women’s urinals get scrapped in Salzburg

Women's urinals get scrapped in Salzburg
File photo: APA/Gindl
Four hugely unpopular ‘women’s urinals’ at a Salzburg convention centre are finally being scrapped after 13 years of not being used. They will be replaced with conventional toilets, at an estimated cost of €21,000.

When they were first installed the urinals were a talking point and were praised for their hygiene and water saving potential.

However, it seemed women visiting Salzburg’s Kongresshaus never really get the hang of them and complained that having to hover over them in a “skiing position” just wasn’t practical. It was a common sight to see women running out of the toilet, thinking they had wandered into a men’s urinal.

The manufacturers of the urinals said that when used correctly they are more sanitary than ‘sit down toilets’ as the user doesn’t have to come into contact with the seat.

They also take up less floor space – having only a small partition wall between each urinal – and use less water.

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