Farm kitten hitches ride to Vienna

Farm kitten hitches ride to Vienna
Andreas Müller came to the kitten's rescue.
A country kitten hitched a ride to the big city by climbing into a car belonging to a Viennese family just before they returned home from a holiday in Carinthia.

The curious feline had climbed into the car’s engine compartment on Friday – the day of the family’s departure and ended up stuck there for almost four hours during the journey back to Vienna (300km), in temperatures of around 35C.

It was only when the family arrived back in Hietzing that they heard a faint meowing sound coming from their car and discovered the four-legged stowaway.

The kitten was so wedged in that they weren’t able to free him themselves so they called an Austrian automobile club (ÖAMTC) mechanic out to help them.

After being given some food and water the kitten will soon be making the journey back to its farm in the Saualpe region. Let’s hope he didn’t get a taste for city life.

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